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Hey Mahdi, thanks for making these videos. Your videos are an inspiration to people of all backgrounds wishing to invest in Africa particularly Senegal.

 "Made In Africa Project is the first and only international export program of its kind anywhere in rural or subrural Senegal."

I'm Ready!!! Thank you, and here I come. Actually been planning in my mind for my entire lifetime. Now that my babies are young adults we can all transfer continents. I cannot wait. Excited more than you know.

Tell us about your experience working with Made In Africa Project!

Roderick M.


Our Made In Africa Project has reached out and worked with people all over the world through our trade, social media and on the ground operations. c Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and tell us what you think! 

RJ Mahdi ... We appreciate your work and what You're doing for the Motherland!!! Stay strong and lead the way for us! Mad respect!                                         

                                                                            - Chief D. 

Meeting RJ Mahdi through the Made in Africa Project made Africa feel like home, we immediately became family and he graciously extended his network to us... I was so touched by our experiences that I'm considering moving to Africa! Our tours weren't only to see the sights around Dakar, it was a much needed history lesson in which I saw myself represented also.                                               - Shadonna

Sybil L.


Thank you for the transparency in communication about the order. I will continue to do business with you all. Thank you again!

To offer quality products and exceptional customer service and to improve local economics by introducing artisans and crafstmen to the unlimited buying power of the Diaspora!

Malcolm F.


Mission Statement

Saliou S.


 "Thank you RJ Mahdi for taking the leap and then letting us see and learn through your eyes, letting us learn from your triumphs and learn as you make your way. This is so much needed. We all need options."

​Amatullah S.​


My brothers and sisters I love this video, I do think African Americans need to research our ancestral heritage and unite with Africa. I am looking into making some investments maybe the stock markets, one love to all of Africa..

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Always my pleasure watching the #MadeInAfrica family assist in welcoming us all back home....I'm saving up now Inshaa'ALLAH. I have every intention on coming for at least two weeks this summer..

Rafiqi G.


Vicki G.


Great Business, Happy with the Service. Best Wishes!

Great quality and impeccable service! My customers love their products.  :) 5*****. Aliyah Mahdi and the Made in Africa team are a joy to work with!

Thank you so much. The soap is very good quality, great packaging and the shipping and timing were great! I will be ordering again.

Angel N.


Amadou D. (Groupe Laposte)