Lead Organizers of Africa Day 2020 in Dakar and the Alkebulan Repatriate City Project.

Handcarved masks, sculptures, home decor items, instruments and other cultural favorites for the home or office. ‚Äč


Fashionable skirts, shirts, jackets, dresses, pants sets, and other traditional and urban attire for men and women. 

Authentic African Products

With a wide range of creative skills, our partner production facility in Senegal West Africa produces tens of thousands of authentic products mostly by hand. From custom designed clothing of all kinds to jewelry, shoes, hair products, art, leathergoods and more. At Made In Africa Project we make it easy to purchase directly from these skilled designers, tailors, artisans and craftsmen.  


SHOP NOW ONLINE!! Our highly requested online store has made a come back! Now you'll be able to view our wholesale catalog in real time and order from countless available options on the spot with no wait-to-order time. 


Stylish handbags, purses, headwraps, sandals, backpacks, laptop cases and other dope accessories.

Made In Africa Project

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Handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings, sets, waistbeads, rings and other fancy jewelry pieces or men and women.