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For those looking to relocate temporarily or permanently to the African continent, we provide assistance with finding land and homes, rental properties, business opportunities and employment as well as schools, vehicles, furniture and other resources to get settled in comfortably.

Tell us how we can help connect you with the African continent for the purpose of building professional relationships and economic development. We look forward to hearing from you! Leave a number for quick response. 

We provide exceptional service for members of the Diaspora looking to travel to the African continent. We help with booking flights and accommodations as well as setting up tours of all kinds for groups of all sizes. Pick from the options below! 

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At the Made In Africa Project we endeavour to provide exceptional possible customer service while assisting with bridging the gap. 

Our team specializes in personal one-to-one service allowing our customers direct access to those of us on the ground in efforts to simplify and expedite the process  of connecting economic exchange. Today we serve clients from all over the world with the utmost attention to detail and in a timely manner.

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We offer hands on assistance to those looking for viable investment opportunities on the African continent. We help research options,  vet entrepreneur startups, broker deals and facilitate operations. Members of our Investors Club get ongoing consulting, group conferences and more!

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Whether you are looking for fashion, organic goods, art or other household products we offer fast and easy ordering for customers anywhere in the Diaspora. We work with countless artisans, tailors and manufacturers who produce quality goods for retail and wholesale clients around the world!

Find  fully built houses and vacation homes for sale.