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​Our team is working hard to bridge the gap between the Diaspora and the African continent. This includes assisting our people around the world in efforts to return to Africa and get settled in a comfortable and sustainable environment.

We are currently designating land for the development of our first repatriate city. Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for displaced children of Africa to return and receive the resources necessary to productively lay roots on African soil. Our goal is to be completely sustainable by using solar and supplemental power and by ensuring that every adult member of our community has gainful opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. Additionally we endeavour to develop mentally advanced thinkers for the next generation through our educational facilities for all ages.

To join or support this monumental program please fill out the form below and the full application that follows it! We will only respond once both are completed. 

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Repatriate Services Include

Our City Needs All Kinds Of Professionally Skilled Service Providors

Professional developers, contractors, business owners and entrepreneurs are now able to join as ongoing members of our city's economic development. ​Take advantage of fresh city contracts for the development of real estate, manufacturing facilities, media networks, educational programs and much more. Take part in the development of our city's 100 year plan!  

Home/Land/Business Development 

Employment Placement

Language and Culture Integration Classes

Transitional Holistic Wellness Retreat

Agricultural Literacy & Collective Farms

Airport Pickup & Chauffeured Car Service

Utility Setup & Maintenance

Local Area Tours

and more!

Repatriation Program

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