Lead Organizers of Africa Day 2020 in Dakar and the Alkebulan Repatriate City Project.



We have all kinds of land and real estate cataloged for purchase all over West Africa. In addition we partner with architects and construction developers to provide the best service for buyers from the Diaspora.



We now offer professionals who are based on the continent the opportunity to become a consultant and project facilitator in their area or region. We provide ongoing training and support through our licensee program.

Made In Africa Project in partnership with the EXODUS ALLIANCE provides a personalized approach to relocation assistance. Our services are specifically for members of the African Diaspora looking to relocate to the African continent. By providing ongoing consulting, hands-on facilitation and a plethora of resources, we have assisted countless families in their repatriation journey to Senegal, The Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and other countries across West Africa. 

When you become a member of the EXODUS Repatriation & Investment Club you have access to all of this and much more. 

Our team is working hard to bridge the gap between the Diaspora and the African continent. This includes assisting our people around the world in efforts to return to Africa and get settled in a comfortable and sustainable environment. We provide assistance with finding and leasing rentals, purchasing land and real estate properties as well as getting integrated and finding resources on the ground. 

Start A New Life In Africa!


As we work to establish our repatriate city Alkebulan, we are allowing for the reservation of land and the ability to join our city's economic development group in order to reach our collective economic goals and bring the project about.

We offer all-inclusive rental packages in Dakar that include 12 months rent, utilities, maid service and other assistance with integrating and connecting on the ground. Book a rental with us today.   


Made In Africa Project