Imagine what would happen if the millions of Africans in the Diaspora began investing exclusively in businesses on the African continent. We have found that there are countless opportunities available for entrepreneurs looking to invest in a multitude of industries with endless possibilities of growth. Now with Made In Africa Project you can invest securely into the industry of your choice and begin building a financial legacy that contributes to the upward development of Africa! 

Invest with us in joint venture businesses and operations for the development of African products and companies. Our partners invest directly in facilities, resources, man power and management of full scale profitable opportunities on the African continent!

The Investors Club

The following industries all have a huge opportunity for growth on the continent and Made In Africa Project aims to positively impact them all. If you would like to invest capital and/or resources in any of the following categories then we look forward to connecting with you to further to discuss how we can guide and consult you.   



Fill out the contact form below and you will be forwarded to an application to join the Investors Club. Once we receive your application you will be contacted for further assistance enrolling.


​Shipping & Freight

Poultry & Livestock

Water Supply & Filtration


Food Processing & Packaging

​Solar and Bio Energy


​Pharmacy Franchises

​Educational Institutions

Medical Facilities

Media Production

Family Entertainment



Cosmetics Research & Development

​Tailoring / Apparel

Organic Foods

Traditional Medicine

Waste Management

Land / Real Estate

Automotive (Sales/Repair)


Retail Franchises

Restaurant Franchises

​Hotel Franchises