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Want To Get Involved?

The best way you can get involved from the Diaspora is to join our Made In Africa Investors Club. As a member you would be able to invest in programs and projects that empower young people and contribute to local trade and entrepreneurship. To learn more and apply CLICK HERE

Give 1 Project members have been apart of the Made In Africa family for more than 3 years now. We provide interactive internships for members from local business training schools allowing them to work and build experience in the industry. We also provide classes and workshops on ecommerce and other business related topics to improve local proficiency in new modern technology and trade.

Our Community Involvement

Events and Mentoring

In these videos, Made In Africa Project Founder RJ Mahdi details some of the ways our program invests in local youth while helping bridge the international commerce exchange gap and stimulating the local Kaolack economy.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Internships and Classes

Made In Africa was proud to sponsor the official launch of Give 1 Project Kaolack bringing over 500 young people from the Kaolack region together to talk about business, community service and to discuss the goals of the G1PK. The event was attended by Give 1 Project Founder Thione Niang and a host of local business owners, government officials, partners and educators.

In addition to the G1PK launch, Made In Africa Project sponsors Give1Talks and panel discussions at various local high schools and colleges in both Kaolack and Dakar Senegal. These talks engage students face to face and challenge them to be creative, innovative, productive and successful in their goals.

Our goal has always been to be of service to the communities in which we operate. Our team has a passion for youth entrepreneurship development and we spend a great deal of time contributing to causes that offer such resources.

Give 1 Project is a global organization aimed at developing young leaders and entrepreneurs. Its Founder, and Akon Lighting Africa Co-Founder, Thione Niang is a Kaolack native and with teams and offices in more than 30 countries worldwide including just about every nation in West Africa, the Give 1 Project connects young people globally and assists them with realizing their potential and following through with their goals.

As the primary sponsor of Give 1 Project Kaolack, we provide critical funding for mentoring, internship programs, business incubators, ecommerce classes and event organizing.

In addition to Give1Project we work together with skilled professionals from the Diaspora to bring skills and resources into local African schools and youth centers for collective building.

Made In Africa Project is very involved with community issues pertaining to youth development, the promotion of entrepreneurship, resources for education and skill training as well as measures of sustainability. Here are some ways we like to get involved:

Lastly in efforts to allow young students here in Senegal and local communities to learn directly from skilled professionals from the Diaspora, we organize projects to have those skilled professionals visit and work with the local youth on the ground for exciting and inspirational collaborations and workshops.  

These students get to discover new technology, modern opportunities and get a wider range of information pertaining to professional development. 


Watch the following video as we bring an Emmy Award Winning African American cartoonist to Senegal to conduct workshops and art projects with local youth and schools.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Diaspora Skill Exchange & Youth Development

In addition to the independent businesses, merchants and artisans that we buy from, Made In Africa also proudly employs local young tailors and designers for our own workshop. These skilled artisans work flexible hours in a comfortable environment and work directly with our team to develop new products and designs.

In addition to these staff members our workshop helps to train youth apprentices who have a desire to work in the tailor and design fields. These youths visit our workshop on weekends and vacations from school to work hands on with our tailors as they build the skills they need to one day work on their own!