Made In Africa Project


To learn about some of our existing EXODUS Repatriate Consultants based on the African continent CLICK HERE



Lead Organizers of Africa Day 2020 in Dakar and the Alkebulan Repatriate City Project.

Once you become licensed under Made In Africa Project and the EXODUS ALLIANCE to provide repatriation, relocation and investment services to incoming members of the Diaspora, CEO RJ Mahdi will represent your brand and help drive clients and members directly to you! 

For those looking to start a business that provides services specifically for the assistance of Diaspora relocation and investment on the African continent, including independent content creators seeking to develop pan-African media. This offers allows you to start a repatriate focused business anywhere on the African continent. It includes a license to sell EXODUS Repatriation & Investment services as well as extensive training in media, public relations, team building, investment brokering and the full support and resources of the Exodus Alliance. 

In order to qualify for this unique opportunity, you would need to apply via the link below and meet a variety of professional qualifications including


Become a Licensed EXODUS Consultant

If you are a professional who is based on the ground in Africa and would like to provide relocation and investment services for our members and other repatriates, we now offer the opportunity to get licensed under the Made In Africa Project EXODUS Repatriation & Investment Club. Includes ongoing training and mentoring by our skilled leadership team along with countless connections to assist you with building business projects, tours and events in your area. 

- Must be a member of the African Diaspora at        home or abroad. . 

​- Must have consistent and reliable internet.

- Must have adequate computers and mobiles.

- Must be a legally registered entity. 

- ​Must agree to the vetting process. 

- Must be involved in community service projects

Other determinations of capability and capacity will be identified by our leadership team during the vetting and enrollment process.