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The commercial zone is 300 hectare of prime land adjacent to the national toll road for the development of business complexes, store fronts, office buildings, retail outlets and more. 

Traditional African Lifestyle Meets Modern Innovation


- Real Estate Sales/Development

- Manufacturing / Textiles / Export

- Agriculture / Poultry / Livestock

- Education / Training 

- Medical / Wellness / Mental Health

- Tech / Media / Design

- Science / Energy 

- Administration / Management

- Retail / Merchandising / Branding

- Waste Management / Janitorial

This historic effort to reconnect the Diaspora and the land of their ancestors is underway in Senegal. A prime strategically located city of 1,000 hectares for the housing, education and economic development of over 20,000 families, many of them from the Diaspora. A hub for manufacturing, export, media, tourism and advanced sustainable development. Driven by Africans of the continent and Diaspora in collective unity. This is Alkebulan!

The residential zone is up to 300 hectares of flat, well positioned land. The homes in clusters of several hundreds to several thousand. Our initial phase available consists of plots of 350-400 square meters.


As a foundation for the future, our city is poised to be a timely example of simple yet sustainable smart cities. With the implmentation of modern technology and 21st century infrastructure, Alkebulan will be among the most comfortable places to live in Africa, if not the world. ,

Each residential phase will consist of schools, sports facilities, medical centers and other neccessary amenities. Paved roads, street lights, side walks, rainwater runoff systems are to be expected and access to power and water are already installed on our land.

Building The City of Alkebulan

The agricultural zone is made up of 250 hectares of fertile land already in use producing a plethora of vegetation. Our projects seeks to improve the zone by introducing sustainable innovations for year round harvest and transformtation.



We Are A Founding Members

Under the Public-Private Partnership signed by Alkebulan Agency, the government has designated 4 economic zones totalling over 1,000 hectares for our immediate development. We invite African people and her descendents around the world to come purchase homes, build businesses and contribute to the development of this historic community.

We have 1300 land plots marked, measured, numbered and available for purchase in the residential communities of Alkebulan. These plots have been made available at market rate with documents immediately provided by government authorities upon purchase. To start the process of making a land purchase for your family, please fill out the application below. 





Made In Africa Project

Lead Project Developer


Home of The Exodus Club

The industrial zone consists of 200 hectares of land designated for production facilities, warehouses and other industry. This land made available to global product developers and sits strategically facing a dry port for easy export.

The City of Alkebulan needs many businesses, products, services and professionals to operate at high potential. The Alkebulan Development Group is made up of a variety of skilled individuals and credible organizations who all contribute financially, intellectually and physically to the city's core economic structure.

Thus these businesses will be the primary beneficiaries of the city's said structure by way of longstanding city contracts, inclusion in major development decisions and management of industry funding. 

The Made In Africa Project is working directly with the Alkebulan Development Group  as well as our governmentr partnership collective, Alkebulan Agency to identify sound economic contributors to add to the Alkebulan City project.

African or Diaspora owned businesses who demonstrate a positive professional history in any of the necessary fields or industries are invited to make a contribution and join our team of global African professionals working to develop Alkebulan. 

If you have useful skills or a business in any major industry please contact us below to see if joining the ADG is right for you.