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Many opportunities exist for investors looking to develop apartment complexes, store fronts, agricultural sites, office buildings, retail outlets and more. Become full or part owner of the city's many economic developers. 


This plot is 150 m^2 or 1614 sqft and is best for freestanding residential development with small surrounding yard space and car park area. Investors can purchase ten or more for the development of apartment neighborhoods.



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- Real Estate Sales/Development

- Manufacturing / Textiles / Export

- Agriculture / Poultry / Livestock

- Education / Training 

- Medical / Wellness / Mental Health

- Tech / Media / Design

- Science / Energy 

- Administration / Management

- Retail / Merchandising / Branding

- Waste Management / Janitorial

This historic effort to reconnect the Diaspora and the land of their ancestors is underway on the Grande Coast of Senegal. A seaside city of 600 hectares for the housing, education and economic development of over 10,000 families. A hub for manufacturing, export, media, tourism and advanced sustainable development. Driven by Africans of the continent and Diaspora in collective unity. This is Alkebulan!

This plot is 75 m^2 or 807 sqft and is fit for townhouses, row houses and other attached residential developments. Purchasers may obtain two or more plots to create clusters of duplexes, full block rows and other investment options.    

The City of Alkebulan needs many businesses, products, services and professionals to operate at high potential. The Alkebulan Development Group is made up of a variety of skilled individuals and credible organizations who all contribute financially, intellectually and physically to the city's core economic structure. Thus these businesses will be the primary beneficiaries of the city's said structure by way of longstanding city contracts, inclusion in major development decisions and management of industry funding. 

The Made In Africa Project is working directly with the Alkebulan Development Group to identify sound economic contributors to add to the ADG. African or Diaspora owned businesses who demonstrate a positive professional history in any of the necessary fields or industries are invited to make a contribution and join our team of global African professionals working to develop Alkebulan. 

If you have skills or a business in one of the following industries please contact us below to come aboard.

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Building The City of Alkebulan

For those families looking to relocate to Senegal immediately and stay temporarily in a comfortable and relaxing environment where they can heal and build with other like minds, our Exodus House Transitional Property at the Pink Lake will be taking applications soon.


Made In Africa Project

Exodus Estate Transitional Property Coming Soon

We are currently allowing African passport holders and members of the African Diaspora to reserve plots of land in the residential communities of Alkebulan. These plots have been made available at market rate until groundbreaking in August 2022. To start the process of making a land reservation for your family, please fill out the application below. 

Home of

The Exodus Club

This plot is 300 m^2 and is within our city's Founders Village with spacious residential structures, ample yard and driveway space. Each plot occupies one quarter of a square block making each home a corner plot. ‚Äč