Aliyah Mahdi

Co-Founder / President


Mission Statement

Has Niass

Master Tailor


We are partnered with Give 1 Project Kaolack an organization that helps young people become entrepreneurs and provides resources and trainings for beginner business owners. (Learn More)‚Äč

We are also partnered with Group Laposte Senegal the national postal service which provides resources for local businesses to exchange commerce and ship local products internationally at the best possible rates.

Wisdom Rowland

Executive Assistant


About Our Project

RJ Mahdi

Co-Founder / CEO


Our Project was founded by RJ Mahdi and wife Aliyah in 2014 after repatriating from the United States to Senegal West Africa. The Mahdis wanted to find a way to help connect African businesses, institutions and entrepreneurs with the Diaspora! 

Now 5 years later the project is partnered with dozens of tailors, brokers, traders and craftsmen in the SeneGambia region while helping build local businesses and improve local and international commercial trade between Africa and it's brothers and sisters!

Mame Diarra Fall

Design Assistant



Fashion Ambassador



Production Manager


Trust Gadzwika

Investors Relations


Zaynah Mahdi

Executive Administrator


Fatou Niass

Product Development


Pap Lowe

Vice President


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To reconnect the Diaspora with Africa through applied information media and collective economics. We seek to rebuild the socio - economic status of the continent and her children at home and abroad.

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Mama Diarra

Fashion Ambassador