Lead Organizers of Africa Day 2020 in Dakar and the Alkebulan Repatriate City Project.

SRAP is a non profit organization focused on crowd funding for the financial resources to assist less fortunate families repatriate to the African continent. In addition SRAP offers economic assistance for the development of repatriate businesses and startups. 

SoAD is a constituted government and a member of The Economic Community of the 6th Region of Africa (ECO-6).  SoAD is a “State Without Borders” and therefore acts as a conduit for the African diaspora  to participate in connecting Africa to the Diaspora and the Diaspora to Africa. 

These active organizations span the entire African Diaspora and have boots on the ground in several African countries to include Senegal, The Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and many more.

The immediate goal of the Alliance is to raise $1 Billion USD in 24 months to fund necessary resources for the repatriation of up to 1 million families.  

While some of our people are achieving some amount of upward mobility throughout the diaspora, there still exist a vast majority of our people who are underserved and are still subjected to sub-standard social, judicial and economic state of being.

Through the strategic partnership of the Exodus Alliance we seek to improve the standard of living of our people in addressing the direct needs of our people



The UNIA-ACL is Marcus Garvey's 100 year old organization focused on the social economic empowerment of African descendants around the world. It works through global chapters for the purpose of outreach while creating programs for educational & economic support.

GOVERNMENT OF THE State of the african diAspora

Made In Africa Project

BSANI is a grassroots organization based in Freetown Sierra Leone tasked with providing on the ground support for repatriates in the fields of project facilitation and relocation services. BSANI also contributes to a number of local environmental impact projects.

WHAT IS THE aim of



The Exodus Alliance is A multi-collective strategic alliance between proven champions for the development of repatriation resources at home and abroad. The Exodus Alliance addresses the needs of repatriates with productive solutions, as well as strategies for sustainable growth on the continent. The Exodus Alliance has committed itself to these making these opportunities and resources available. 

 black star action network INTERNATIONAL

Our Made In Africa Project & The Alkebulan Development Group Have Partnered With The Following Organizations To Form "The Exodus Alliance".

Sankofa Repatriation Assistance